280ml nail bond adhesive

  • 280ml nail bond adhesive

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High strength multi-purpose building adhesive based on solvent-free polymers that provide a durable and strong bond.


Uses: For bonding, skirting boards, panels, architraves, carpets, plasterboards, covings, carpet grippers, tiles. Suitable bond on ceramics, metals, brick, concrete, uPVC. Do not use in situations where both surfaces are non-porous. (e.g. metal/metal, plastic/plastic)

Surface Preparations: Application temperature +5°C to +40°C.

All substrates must be clean, dry, and free of grease and dust.

Application instructions: Cut the tip of the cartridge taking care not to damage the thread. Apply nozzle and cut cleanly at an angle of 45° with an opening slightly larger than the gap to be sealed. Apply using a standard sealant gun. Best results will be obtained by keeping an even pressure on the gun trigger and keeping the gun at a constant angle to the surface being sealed. Smooth down within 20 minutes of application using a welted spatula, piece of wood or wetted gloved finger. Care should be taken at this point not to saturate the surface as this will delay drying.

Cleaning: Tools should be cleaned after use with water. Sealant can be cleaned with water and soap before curing.

Limitations: Not suitable for continues exposure to water. Not suitable for PP, PE, PC, PMMA, PTFE, soft plastics, neoprene and bituminous substrates.



Keep out of reach of children. Wash skin thoroughly after handling, Wear protective gloves/eye protection/face protection. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulation. Safety data sheet available on request. Bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists seek medical attention

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