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About Us

Dina International Ltd is a family-run, ethical & trustworthy company based in the heart of the Midlands, UK. We are one of the largest wholesale distributors of the DID brand to the trade in the Midlands. We have a vibrant, yet price-conscious and competitive range of products and it continues to grow, year on year. Our company is recognized in most places and have become a symbol of our hard work and honesty over the past years, ensuring that whichever end-user purchases our products from the shelf, feels satisfied that they have gained value for money on their purchase. 

Starting up as retailers in 1986, we have undoubted experience on what is the value of certain products and the needs of the end-user, from that we have mustered over 1000 products which are in demand in our market place. Our eye-catching artwork and quality packaging, added with our “value for money” mentality has given us pioneers of success allow us to become strong pillars in our marketplace.

Year by year, Dina International is becoming more of a force to be reckoned with and we aim to continue going from strength to strength. We present to you our new and first of its kind, state of the art E-commerce website. We have constructed a user-friendly, simple, transparent and time-saving website whereby you can purchase your goods from the comfort of your chair and instantly benefit from the competitive prices, allowing your company profits to maximize.

We are sure that nobody will return from the website unhappy. With so many products to choose from and small pack sizes means there is no great risk to your business, allowing you to buy a wide range of products with your allocated buying capital, weekly or monthly, however, it suits you and your business needs.

Dina International is here to support your business and the aim is to grow together. Please read through all our policies and terms & conditions on our website to gain a better understanding of the procedures we have in place for a smooth transaction.

We thank you sincerely for your custom and long term support. It's time to join the Dina International E-commerce revolution!

Dina International Ltd

Company No. 10899150

VAT Registration No. 424 467 745