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Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Royal Mail Postage

4pc Hair Combs

Email us at sales@dinainternational.co.uk for more information..

50pc Thin Multi-Colour Bobbles

Womens hair bobbles in assorted colours. Each pack contains yellow, red, green, brown, purple, light..

150pc Snag Bobbles

Black and transparent hair bobbles supplied in wholesale quantity...

15pc Thick Brown Bobbles

Womens thick brown bobbles supplied as wholesale hair accessories.Stong and durable material..

15pc Thick Black Bobbles

Womens thick black hair bobbles sold in wholesale quantity. Long lasting elasticated band.Each bobbl..

18pc Assorted Snap Clips & Bobbles

Sparkling black, pink and gold clips and bobbles...

50pc Medium Grips

4.5cm medium black hair grips...

120pc Hair Grips

Pack of 120 hair grips. 2 sizes in each pack 43mm and 62mm...

Hair Claw

9cm women's brown plastic hair claw...

2pc Traditional Hair Claw

Email us at sales@dinainternational.co.uk for more information..

3pc Traditional Hair Claw

Pack of 3 classic hair claws.Colours clear, brown/black and black...

Assorted Fashion Hair Scrunches

Assorted Fashion Hair Scrunchies.3 styles mixed per inner carton...

9pc 8cm Donut Set

Womens cream donut and bobble set with gold pins.Each pack contains 6 pins, 2 bobbles and 1 x 8cm do..

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