We have an extensive range of wholesale household supplies; making sure that you can stock your shelves with everything that a customer could ever desire! Whether that may be floor protectors, door hooks or stoppers we stock more than 200 wholesale products for the home!

Ensure that your customers have everything they could need for their kitchen with our high quality household items. We have everything from swivel peelers, assorted plate stands to make a grand statement and glass cutting boards with fruit patterns.

Other kitchen accessories include stainless steel cutlery, strainers, sink stoppers and food covers to make your cooking process simpler. A milk pan is always handy, as well as a pitcher to pour drink. When it’s hot and sunny, a BBQ is the go to for many people. We cover these needs through large metal barbecue skewers, popsicles for the ice cream and plastic ice cube trays and ice bricks for the drinks! You could even take all of your food with you in the insulated lunch bag, for fresh results.

We also stock an array of durable and long lasting bathroom accessories, allowing customers to kit out these essential items for discounted prices. All of our wholesale household goods can be purchased from around the UK from our warehouse in the Leicester - East Midlands.