Dina Healthcare

The UK healthcare market is constantly growing, meaning that it is imperative that your shelves are stocked with the right health and beauty products! Cleanliness is a daily ritual for many, grooming products and accessories being a must have. We stock a huge selection of wholesale health products for grooming and beauty needs, including nail clipper sets, a large assortment of combs and brushes, pocket mirror and cleansing cosmetics. These products all complement existing needs, such as makeup and hair products. There are also hair dye kits and scissors for at home hairdressing, with professional water spray bottles.

We stock first aid products for when accidents occur, whether they are serious or not it is always best to be prepared just in case. We showcase an excellent range of dressing pads, fabric plasters, for these inconvenient cuts and grazes that may occur. For the more persistent pains, we do stock wrist, knee, hand/palm supports for that added security that we need. We also have bandages and a general first aid kit for all the essentials. We also stock an extremely useful pillbox to sort out medicine, which may stop confusion and avoid taking the wrong dosage.

Apart from these health and beauty supplies, we also wholesale general health products, like walking sticks, glasses, and hot water bottles. These miscellaneous items serve a purpose and are needed by many. We also sell memory-foam insoles, which moulds to the shape of your feet for extra comfort, a big help for people with both foot conditions. There are also anti-odour insoles that prevent unwanted odours, as well as thermo warm insoles for the winter.

We take health seriously, which is why all of our wholesale health and beauty products may be cheap but they are of the highest quality.