Big Changes At Dina!



What Changes Did We Make?

Reduced Box Sizes

We reduced the box sizes to 6 pieces or less on all products! This means you can buy any product from our website with very little risk. Explore the changes in any of our products now...

New Delivery Costs Matrix

Worried about the delivery costs of your order? Before placing your order, we have added a quick and easy to way to check your shipping costs. After your products are added to the basket, open the shopping basket and click the option "Estimated delivery costs". If you wish to maximise your parcel, increase the quantity on your items and see if the delivery costs changes. The opposite can be done if you want to reduce your shipping costs!

Royal Mail Delivery

To make sure you are being provided with the most competitive prices from Dina, we have added royal mail small parcels to our delivery options. This gives you the most cost-effective solution to your small parcels. Small parcels start from just £3.05!

Product Information

We are doing our very best to add more information for you. Most recently we have added the minimum, inner and carton quantities for each product. We will also be updating our product descriptions with the information you need. If you feel you need more information for any product, contact us here.

Trending Products

Every month we are populating our trending products page with items that sold the best in the previous month. This gives you the opportunity to try hot selling items in your store. Take a look at this months best selling lines here.