Tools & DIY

We have a generous selection of wholesale tools and DIY products for those who want to fix, improve or create something in the home or office. We understand that this market is continuously growing and therefore we allow UK retailers to tap into this market, ensuring their shelves are always stocked full with the right products. All of which are heavy duty, ensuring they are high quality and long lasting.

We supply an array of hand tools including; screwdrivers, scrapers, spring clamps, knives, measuring tapes, pliers, wire cutters, grout pens and more.

We have an assortment of different nails and screws for fixing things in place, as well as braces, gate hooks, corner irons and wall brackets for various other tasks. Our handy hook collection makes hanging up a favourite picture or painting, or even just a mirror; hassle free and cheap to do so.

We cater to many professions, like painters and plasterers, with products including paintbrush sets, roller frames, and gloves.

Our wholesale hardware and DIY products are not only cheap but also of the highest quality too, meaning that retailers can ensure their customer's expectations are always met. If you would like a more in-depth look at our tools range, why not visit our showroom in Leicester (Midlands).