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Outdoor Accessories

Here at Dina International, we have a multitude of different sports equipment and general outdoor accessories. Due to this, we are able to give our clients the opportunity to sell this on, in order for people to go and enjoy the boiling hot summers days.

Outdoor Accessories

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6pc Sports Inflator Kit

Pack of 6 inflator kit tools for a wide range of uses - bike tyres, basketball, football, rugby ball..

Puncture Repair Kit

Wholesale puncture repair kits give your customers the tools needed to repair bike tyre punctures.Al..

8pc Multi Purpose Reflectors

Email us at sales@dinainternational.co.uk for more information..

3pc Tennis Balls

3pc Tennis balls available to order in bulk. Ideal for sports, practice, pet play, dog training and ..

2pc Gravity Chairs with 2pc Small Cup Holders

These are collection prices. Please contact us for delivery quotes.This zero gravity chair is suppli..

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