We have a large selection of wholesale cleaning products to stock your shelves with. Our high quality products cover a wide range of customer's cleaning needs and are at very competitive wholesale prices. This includes bathroom products, car care needs, essential cleaning products, general cleaning aids and shoe upkeep.

Any proud home-owner would list cleaning products as an essential buy. This means that there is always potential to up sell essential cleaning items. We have all of your customers clothing wash needs, such as laundry balls to prevent static and laundry bags to hold your dirty laundry. For kitchen cleaning, we have wooden brooms and mops for all surfaces. The tougher jobs require a good scourer, which we stock in the sponge variety as well as steel scrubbers. There is also a selection of cleaning cloths and refuse or garden sacks. Hygiene and tidiness is also important in offices, meaning more potential as business owners like to ensure their facilities are maintained and kept looking their best at all times.

The bathroom is a place that home-owners and businesses alike strive to keep at a certain level of cleanliness. We stock new and innovative products that make the process a lot simpler and hygienic for the consumers. All public access businesses are by law required to keep their establishments to a standard level, we have all of these products to keep in line with current regulations. We house a large collection of toilet cleaners and plungers to keep the bathroom fresh.

Shoe cleaning is a vital part of many peoples routine, if it’s for work, events, weddings or just general day to day activities. Keeping your shoes polished and perfected is important, and we have a number of products to meet the expectations of any customer wishing to effectively clean without the hefty price tag. This does not necessarily mean a reduced quality product; we strive to keep the value for money in our cleaning wholesale products high.